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Foulard en soie de grande qualité


Agnès Hardi / Marque

For as long as I can remember, I have always been creating with my own hands. When I was 19 years old, I discovered that drawing is what I do best, and I applied that ability to designing patterns for textiles at the French national school of applied arts and crafts (the ENSAAMA). When I graduated, a traditional Japanese company employed me to create new designs for their kimonos. My drawings then came to life on silk.

For over thirty years now, and from all kinds of inspiration, I have been creating designs for the largest French and foreign producers of upholstery fabrics. I continue to do so, as well as my creating my own brand.

The road has been long, but my professional experience, and, especially, the encouragement of my friends, have made me not only a recognized textile designer but also the head of my own company.

“The pleasure I see in the eyes of my friends and the public allows me to believe that I have managed to communicate the incredible joy I have in creating.”


I set up my workshop in the Burgundy region (France), far from the hustle and bustle of Paris, surrounded by nature, my inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Whatever purpose it is to be used for, I always begin my creation with an emotion whose sources are unlimited: exhibitions, museums, trips, a meeting, light in the landscape, nature, etc. Thus begins the long process before the final model emerges: small scribbled sketches, tests for position and color, looking for the ideal style… and, finally, a long execution using brushes and gouache, paying attention to the multiple manufacturing constraints.


The designers in the textile industry are called “hands”. Anonymity is usual and we are in the shadow of the big brands.

By creating my own brand of fashion accessories, based on scarves and stoles, now, in 2020, I can give you the opportunity to access some of my creations, painstakingly hand-created for the pleasure of everyone.

From creation to shipping, through the manufacture of our silk or cotton, the printing, the finishing stitches, the manufacture of labels, and the packaging, everything is done in France.

I hope you will feel the emotion that I have in creating and in working with all these French companies that have an exceptional know-how to manufacture these unique “made in France” luxury products.


Les collections de foulards


A collection of small silk squares to tie around the neck, wrist, hair, bag, or to put in a man’s jacket pocket. To take with you everywhere.

See the collection of bandanas

A collection of scarves in a traditional format to brighten a sober or monochrome outfit with refinement and to enjoy the comfortable softness of a high-quality French silk twill.

See the collection of squares

A large-format collection in silk or cotton voile with an elegance that will not leave anyone indifferent – ranging from sober to the most eccentric.

See the collection of stoles
Designed and manufactured in France

Designed and manufactured in France.

French artisanal rolled hem

French artisanal rolled hem.

Free delivery worldwide

Free delivery worldwide.